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“Every poem holds

within it the unsayable.”

Marie Howe




Mine is a world of writing, a writing life. I am blessed with a loving husband and children, loyal friends, and many other factors that make for a rich and rewarding life. Still, writing is a part of every day for me and some days are devoted entirely to it. I write, revise, plan, and conduct workshops and classes, meet with writer friends, and occasionally submit my work for publication. At some point every day I am flummoxed and frustrated by writing, and at other moments I experience profound joy. I love using language, playing with it, putting words together to express the absolute absurdity along with the unmitigated certainty of our experience.

Read A Poem
One of my favorite poets is Li-Young Lee, and his collection Rose is one of my favorite books. You can find "Eating Together" and other poems from this book at
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